Let me invite you to the city that never fails to amaze me!

Creating a site is not something I would normally do, however when it comes to something that I simply adore, I would not hesitate to go beyond my comfort zone. Hence, the birth of Rapid Ideas which is purely dedicated to everything about Jacksonville, FL. Apparently, I was able to connect with other people who love the idea of my site and together, work on creating great articles for our readers!

Why Rapid Ideas?

The name of the site was decided on a whim. I personally thought it would be catchy enough to gain the reader’s attention and even make them curious. I do have the habit of thinking quickly, so maybe that has something to do with it, too.

Why Jacksonville, FL?

Truth be told, I was not born in Jacksonville, FL but instead moved here when I was in the process of soul-searching. I wanted to find a place where I could easily fit in and was never wrong in choosing Jacksonville as my lifetime home.

About the Webmaster

Jenny is a freelance writer and hiking enthusiast that currently lives in the heart of Jacksonville, FL. She enjoys the company of her lovely dog, Atom. Together, they enjoy sunsets, catching waves and stargazing.