Exploring a city is exciting especially if you’re just new to the place or if you ‘re staying for a vacation. You would more likely head to favorite spots and experience what Jacksonville, FL has to offer. Or, you might be thinking of finding some hidden gems located throughout the city.

Jacksonville hidden gems

Hidden gems are places that don’t stand out but can give you an outstanding experience. Every city has their special places to offer, and that’s why today we bring you some awesome spots in Jacksonville, FL that you’ll love for sure!

Chamblin’s Uptown

If you’re a book-lover or someone who has an excellent nose for literature, Chamblin’s uptown might be a paradise for you. Located in the middle of downtown Jacksonville, you can go through a maze of over 500,000 rare and used books in over 100 sections. You can expect an adventure as you browse through books and unveil a great story among the shelves. If you go hungry during your book hunt, you can stop by at the cafe for some refreshments and snacks.

If this place is not enough for you to satisfy your love for books, you can head down to their other location, Chamblin’s Bookmine, which is located on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Gastronome Cafe

Who would have thought this quiet cafe has a lot to offer? Located on Atlantic Boulevard, this quaint market/cafe is like a scene taken out of Europe. There are various items that you can’t see in ordinary grocers, and if you’re looking for authentic Russian/European cuisine, this is the place to be. Their menu is worth every penny as you would be greeted with tasty gyros, burek, dumplings and so on.

Undeniably a perfect place to calm down and enjoy some pastries. Yum!

Grape & Grain Exchange

This establishment may look like some wine, beer and liquor shop that lets you drink and eat a great selection of cheeses at the same time, but there’s something more than what meets the eye. If you look closer at what’s hidden behind the bookshelf, you will find a speakeasy with cocktails, jazz, and all that 1930’s atmosphere.

Local jazz artists will spice up your day as you take pleasure in sipping tasty cocktails.

Diamond D Ranch

Have a lovely time at a family-owned horse ranch located along Solomon Road that operates for over 60 years. The ranch offers a trail ride that is about two hours which shows the beauty of the Jennings State Forest, a protected wildlife preserve. Not only would get a closer look at horses but also the other animals such as water buffalos, deer, antelopes and so on.

Kids can also enjoy riding ponies and have a wonderful time at the petting zoo. Animals and children are always a great combination.

Dog Wood Park

Your pets can also have the time of their lives as they accompany you on your vacation. You can kick back and relax as you let your furry friend enjoy the lake and interact with other dogs. There are also trails for hiking which you can go with your pet as you create memories together. Jacksonville, FL is known to be a pet-friendly city, and you would find a variety of places where your pet is most welcome.

Hidden spots are deemed to be special because of the pleasurable experience we get from them. There are more unexpected places and even free activities in Jacksonville, FL that is waiting to be discovered and that’s what makes this city more exciting to stay in.

Do you know some hidden gems of your own? Share with us!

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